There are at least three types of lighting that will amplify the room’s ability to help you fulfil your function. Creatively deploying them will help you achieve the maximum returns of the interior space and also customise them to your discerning taste. Good lighting should be designed as a balance between these three types:

The true exciting potential of spaces is explored best when all elements come together to present a theme or a mood. True, we have always furnished our spaces with multiple lights and systems, but having to individually turn on and off each switch to create an ambience is too cumbersome and frankly, inelegant. That is why we were fine with limited options and unimaginative living spaces.

It is unfortunate that we casually overlook the importance of ambience control. We have been hardwired to think of devices separately – lights, fans, ACs, blinds, etc. – and don’t mind at all controlling them in silos. However, they come with their own individual limitations that adversely affect the overall ambience and mood of a space. Trust us, the ability to combine them in unique ways to deliver multiple effects or experiences is one of the most underrated pleasures of owning a home.

Ambience is the cumulative effect of the lighting, temperature (climate), shades, and entertainment. For us, ambience is as important as the physical characteristics of a space. When each of these factors come together to provide a unique experience to the audience, the effect is simply FANTASTIC!

With Keus, you can elevate your home living with the touch of a single button!


Each space has so many potential possibilities on how it can be used and presented. Different combinations of lights, blinds, temperature, and entertainment transform a single space into multiple scenes that serve a variety of functional and aesthetic purposes. Your living space can be a cozy dinner spot, a family hangout, or even a movie night for friends – each space with its own lighting, temperature, entertainment, and its own perfect ambience.

Spaces within spaces is an exciting evolution of creating multiple scenes (or scenarios) in a single space. Keus Smart Home automation elevates your interaction with spaces by making them Intelligent spaces. Your home is no longer a passive structure but an exciting space that comes alive to bring joy and efficiency into your family.


When building a house, we have become accustomed to focus on walls and windows. The emotions of owning a personal space, and building it with dreams and hopes is often overlooked. We wanted to bring those emotions to the forefront, to bring out the happiness in owning a home.

Though it has been possible to have any number of lights, air conditioners, blinds, or even entertainment options, we could only control them separately. Keus smart home automation brings together multiple systems together to provide you a truly Converged Living experience where every aspect of Intelligent Spaces can be customised to your preference. Forget about tens of switches that you have to turn on and off every day in the same pattern and at the same time. Forget about the same old boring interiors that make you do all the tedious work.

Keus makes your life amazingly simple and your home exponentially better when all the products and systems work together. A single system keeps your smart devices and home technology systems seamlessly connected to provide your family the best of convenience, flexibility, and a delightful lifestyle.


The future of living is simple, and definitely smart!

Imagine walking to your favourite corner to read a book and it is perfectly lit to give you the cozy feeling so you can dive into the words. The blinds are drawn, the temperature is set to give you the perfect weather, and soft jazz plays in the background.

Or when the family gathers around for dinner, each seat at the table is equally well lit to bring everyone into the conversation while darkening the rest of the room. The temperature’s just right, and the ambience is one of warmth and wellness.

Ambience plays an important role in the mood of a space. You can instantly lift everyone’s spirits with the right combination of lighting and music. Or ensure that your working space is designed to make you more efficient and focused. In a way, it has always been possible but the sheer effort of using individual switches for individual devices has ensured that most of us think of home space in two dimensions. With Keus’ OneTouch Ambience Control, achieving the perfect mood is as easy as pressing a button.

Special moments and occasions become unforgettable milestones in the right ambience.

You can transform a single space into multiple spaces by changing the ambience. All the family members will have their own preferences for their perfect ambience. We make it possible for each of them to enjoy the space to its fullest

If the above scenes seem inviting, wait till you see our Keus smart home automation demo.


Simplicity is at the heart of Keus smart home automation. We have completely reimagined how spaces can be personalised for you and your family, all with minimum effort for a seamless lifestyle. When you can personalise the ambience of a space as per need, there are endless possibilities to maximise your enjoyment of space.

We deliver limitless opportunities for you to use a space. You can create as many moods as you want, customised to the tiny details of whether you want your air conditioner at 24 degrees or 26 degrees, and for how long. The entire control of the smart home is in your hand, for you to programme it however you choose. After all, why should you limit the joy of owning a perfect space to just one mood?

Keus smart home automation offers a complete range of interactive interfaces that are the best in the market. When we deliver intelligent spaces, the key is right in your phone through our delightful app [LINK]. The intuitive design and seamless user interface makes the app easy to use for all members of the family.

Or you can just speak to your home and it will carry out your instructions. Its amazingly simple to use, and the one thing that our customers who discover this never tire of telling us is that they can never go back. Can you imagine how many repetitive tasks we are accustomed to performing each day? How much time and effort is spent just turning on and off the lights, the air conditioners, blinds, and even the security. Even then we are worried about security. But all that changes with your Keus Smart Home.

The pride of your smart home will undoubtedly be the world of scenes that will change your perception of space. It is not enough that a space be functional, for us it is philosophical. That is the joy of Keus Smart Home automation. It elevates living to a state of joy and transforms your home into a kingdom of convenience.

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