When the days get hectic, we look forward to when we can reach home and relax. The stress of commuting, fast-paced office environment, competitive markets, they can all have a negative impact on our well-being if we cannot de-stress regularly.

Wouldn’t it be great if your home did all the things necessary for you to relax when you get home in the evening?

Your Keus Smarthome does exactly that!

No more having to come home and start turning on all the lights and constantly adjusting the temperature. You don’t have to turn on and off countless switches to achieve the perfect ambience. You can do all that with just the touch of a button.

The whole point of a smart home is to provide complete convenience to you and the rest of your family members. Here are the three major advantages to embracing smart home automation for your home:

Minimal effort:

Once you set up Keus smart home automation, you don’t have to repeat the effort again. As your body gets used to the routines, you will find yourself with more motivation and better productivity without having to commit to it everyday.

Consistent schedules

Being punctual is one of the strongest traits for being successful. And there’s nothing like scheduling your home to help you accomplish your daily tasks to help you be on track.

Constant optimisation:

Being on schedule helps you recognise the patterns in your daily routine that you can optimise for greater efficiency. Your smart home responds to the needs of your family members and helps you with daily tasks.

All this is to say that automating your home is one of the most pleasurable experiences of owning a home. You can set up smart routines that your home performs at scheduled times so you can focus on your growth.

Here’s how your evenings would look like in your Keus Smarthome:

Even before you start home from your place of work, your home swings into action by turning on the AC so it is cooled perfectly when you get home. This itself changes the entire experience of reaching home. The security is turned off once you enter your home and are ready to relax.

The water heater is turned on automatically so you can freshen up while the living room prepares its Relax scene. The scene can be optimised for your preferences, choosing from the best lights, their brightness, how you want them to transition as the night progresses, etc. Even the temperature is scheduled to give the perfect cozy ambience to your space where all the family members can come together to spend time.

The gate lights and other outdoor lights come on to give your home a distinct personality. It is easy to forget just how many lights and switches you deal with on a daily basis, and even then achieving that perfect ambience can seem too much of a hassle to accomplish. With Keus smarthome you automate all these tasks so they are relegated to the background. The experience of having a home take care of itself is simply a different lifestyle.

Imagine the prayer room lighting up as you step out of the shower, with soothing classical music playing softly in the background.

Expecting company? Your Keus smarthome will respond automatically to make them feel welcome. The bar scene, with it’s delightful lights and the perfect music will bring the party to your home. Or, if you guys want to catch a movie, your home is more than up for it. It dims the lights, closes the blinds, adjusts the temperature – so you can enjoy your movie in all its glory. The perfect ambience elevates the everyday experience.

Dinner is usually the most important meal for the whole family where all the members come together from their busy schedules. So your home provides the warm mood with the dinner scene, with family favourites playing in the background.

Throughout the evening, your smart home transforms into several spaces to let you personalise it for different occasions and needs. When it’s time for you to sleep, your Keus smarthome winds down too. The puja lights, lawn lights, garden fountains are all turned off at 10:30pm automatically. Security is turned on automatically, while the doors and gates are locked.

The goodnight scene is activated just before you hit your bed, with the AC set at 23 degrees through the night. Or it can be scheduled to turn off a few hours later. The motion sensors through the house and in the corridors all turn on if any family members wake up in the night.

The possibilities are endless. We are used to thinking of a home as a passive space that is to be used. This perception stays only until you see how your Keus smarthome can be an active helper in your life. When you experience the elevated living of smart home automation, you will see the potential of active homes.

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