Smart home automation is no longer a novel concept and most of us have become familiar with some of the overarching concepts and technologies. However, while we may understand the function and form of a smart home, the essence of smart home automation cannot be conveyed through just the number of hours you can save in a day or how many repeatable actions you can eliminate.

Keus Smart Home automation is about an experience, not just the technical specifications of the house.

For one, it means a simpler lifestyle that declutters your schedule to let you focus on your day. In the mornings, from the moment you wake up till you step out of home for work, your home will provide you the tools to streamline your mornings with smart routines. It is all about providing the maximum comfort and convenience for the inhabitants of the house.

There are so many advertisements and movies showing that waking up is a chore and that mornings are stressful and chaotic. But the truth is that it is only when we do not plan that things can get hectic. And what motivation is left for a productive day when it feels like a battle before you even reach your office?

The simple secret to winning your morning is to get ahead of it. When you plan and implement morning routines, you are in control of the most important part of your day and it won’t seem as daunting. If you want to become more productive and inculcate the habits of success in your children, the process starts with establishing a routine. And there is nothing more helpful than a smart home that is designed to help you achieve exactly that!

This blog post will help you understand the experience of automating your morning routines with a Keus smart home.


Imagine this: it’s time for you to wake up. Usually, it’s just the alarm that wakes up before you do and then disturbs your sleep cycle irrevocably with jarring vibrations and shrill tones. But in your Keus smart home, the entire house is up before you do. It is poised to wake you up comfortably, gradually, and naturally.

A usual smart routine for mornings would start at 6 am with the outdoor lights turning themselves off automatically. Simultaneously the sprinkler in the garden comes on, as well as the water pump. Security is disarmed and runs in the background until necessary.

And all of this before you even wake up at 6:30 am.

When it’s time for you to wake up, the blinds gradually and quietly open to let the natural light in. The speakers that are playing your favourite music gradually increase in volume to gently awaken you. The lights don’t all go on at once but are adjusted to increase in brightness so as not to not jar you. Temperature can be set up to a particular setting or can be turned off as per your preference.

Oh yes, your coffee maker is already making you a fresh pot of coffee while your water heater is preparing your bath.

When it’s time for your kids to wake up, their room similarly sets the smart routine in process so they wake up bright and fresh. Inculcating daily habits will have huge benefits in their growth and development. Once their bodies adjust to a biologically suited schedule, they become more productive and peaceful.

When the maid arrives at 7:00 am, they are let in with their secure credentials. They can start with the household activities that are needed to help you and your family start your day right? Do you prefer to work out or meditate? If you want to work out, would it be to your latest playlist or you like to catch up on the day’s news? Whatever your choice, your smart home caters to your requirements.

As you proceed through your morning, your smart home keeps up with you. Temperature automatically increases at set schedules and smart appliances are always up to speed on your routine. Whether it is the lights or the temperature or the coffee maker, from the moment you wake up till the time you set out for work, your Keus smart home is with you, every step of the way.

As you leave for work, you can automatically lock the main door and even the gates. Smart home owners cannot stop praising the peace of mind that comes with having the ability to check the locks and alarms whenever we wish to. Not only that, all the lights and appliances can be turned off automatically when nobody is at home to save on electricity and energy.

Smart routines help you make the most out of your mornings, and smart homes make it a whole lot easier and more convenient. If you are ready to elevate your living with a smart home, contact us to set up a demo for you.

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