We all have had those days of anxiety when we are worried about whether we locked the windows to our home before leaving for work. Did we turn on the security? Are the blinds open?

Not just when you are at work, but even on vacations or out of town for a few days. But with the latest technology, you have the perfect solution.

Smart home automation is all about providing you maximum comfort and convenience by enabling the house to actively respond to your needs. We transform passive spaces into your partners in providing the perfect ambience and elevated living experiences for your loved ones. This convenience is also in terms of one of the most important aspects of owning a home: security.

Keus smart home automation brings you the latest global technology weaved into a seamless elevated living experience for you and your loved ones. Every aspect of the living space has been reevaluated and reexamined to optimise for your comfort. Your smart home eliminates the usual everyday worries about your home.

So imagine this: when you step out for work in the morning, the main door is locked automatically. The gates and windows lock themselves up and the alarm is set with real time alerts sent to your phone directly. Just knowing that your home is secure can give a peace of mind.

Don’t worry about the water heater or the coffee-maker, they are scheduled to turn off automatically when you leave the house. You also save on expenses because your Keus smart home senses when lights are not in use and can turn off automatically. It puts complete control in your hands, wherever you are.

When on vacations, you can be assured of the security of your smart home is in safe hands: yours.

With motion sensors, you can add intelligence to the list of your smart home capabilities. The motion detection sensor can handle and activate complex interlinking sequence of events to offer strong security solutions for your home.

You can also wirelessly monitor your doors, windows, and gates easily. Moreover, you receive instant alerts and notifications about any movement detected. There are multiple sensitivity settings available to ensure that you do not get false alarms to disturb you.

Security is non-negotiable when we are building a loving home for our family. Your smart home is your strongest ally and will become indispensable to being safe and secure. When your children come home before you do, your smart home will let them in, and set them up with the right ambience and comfort. The house is secure from the outside while they enjoy their cartoons or homework. Trust us, once you experience the immense possibilities with Keus, your definition of home will take on a whole new meaning.

Keus smart home unifies the best in technology with a passion for design that focuses on simplicity. This relentless focus on innovating to enhance the living experience in personal spaces has enabled us to become one of the pioneers in smart home automation today.

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