Design Your Perfect Day.
The Smart Routine Way.

Imagine waking up to a day that is designed entirely as per your preferences. The shade is just right, your favourite uplifting music is playing at the right volume, while the rest of your home gets ready to help you and your family members have a productive, wonderful day. And when its time for you to sleep, the entire ambience changes to put you to sleep peacefully, knowing that all the safety and lights are exactly as per your wishes.

The best part? You don’t have to touch a single switch

Every day, we wake up, we turn off the bed lights, open the blinds if we want, put search for and put on our favourite music, turn the lights on in the children’s room to wake them up, turn off the security systems, air conditioning has to be adjusted, and the list goes on. When most of these tasks are repeated every working day, can you imagine how much time and effort your family is putting on these mundane tasks?

A smart home helps you from the boring, repetitive tasks that eat into your productive day. Smart Routines can ensure that you are more efficient in each of these tasks by having your home provide automatic assistance and structure to your day. Your home can seamlessly blend with scheduled routines to ensure that you don’t waste your energy that you need for your daily productivity.

Smart Routines from Keus simplify and automate regular actions by running at specific times every day, or triggered by certain actions (such as when you reach home in the evening).

With all the advancements in interiors, you can also manually set up the ambience of your home. But would you really be happy to keep turning on and off more than 30 switches that it will take to make it perfect?

Here are some of the main benefits of smart routines

1. Productive

Countless studies (and common-sense) show that we are at our most productive when we follow a set routine for our mornings. A well-implemented morning routine should be designed to prime you for your optimum productivity, you start off your day on the right foot.

Here are some ideas for establishing a morning routine for your home:

A good night’s sleep depends a lot on how you wake up. A loud alarm is stressful, and waking up abruptly simply makes it worse.

Instead, your house wakes up first at 0600 am, so you can wake up calmly to gentle, gradually increasing lights. Simultaneously, the outdoor lights turn off, the water sprinkler in your garden turns on, and your blinds open to a beautiful morning.

At 06:30 am, as the blinds open your favourite morning music comes on at the right volume. Water heaters and coffee makers are automatically turned on so everything is kept ready to ensure that your schedule is followed completely. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to get daily news and weather updates, a motivational podcast or an overview of your daily schedule at this time.

For children, your smart routines can be established for their best schedules. The blinds, AC, and the gadgets in their rooms can be set to start as per their routine.

2. Family management

The biggest benefit of a smart home routine is for managing your children and their activities. It is almost as if the home is lending a hand in helping you provide them the best comfort and support you can.

The Keus schedule for kids is an excellent routine that will ensure their best comfort. No more having to repeatedly wake them up when the blinds gently open to let the morning light in. You can schedule the AC to be cooler as they fall asleep and modify to optimum in an hour or so. And when it is time to wake up, the AC is switched off so they wake up undisturbed.

Throughout the day, the smart home is attentive to their needs. It turns on lights as needed, blinds can be easily opened and closed, ACs are timed for efficiency and requirement, and even the geyser is automatically scheduled. If they wake up in the night to visit the restroom, the lights come on so they are not scared

Elderly family members will love the convenience of the Keus Smart Routines. You can schedule the Puja room as per their prayer routine, when and what lights should be turned on or off. They can have their own task lights for hobbies to help them so they can enjoy to the fullest. Or, if they prefer TV, you can schedule it to turn on for their favourite show, on their favourite channel. And as they sit down to enjoy it, the lights, the blinds, and the AC adjust automatically to create the perfect experience for them.

When your entire family gathers in the living room at dinner, what should be the ambiance? You can choose! The lights, the temperature, the music – it will seem like your house is working exclusively around your requirements and for the benefit of all the members. Once you choose smart routines for your home, you will wonder how you managed all these years without the amazing convenience!

3. Security

Many times, we find ourselves getting worried about if we locked the front door or if we turned off the electrical appliances before leaving home. On vacations, we are constantly anxious about the security of our home.

But with the latest security features for home automation, all these are worries of the past. When you leave home, the smart locks are automatically locked, alarm and security systems are turned on, motion sensors are activated, and outside lights are turned on as per your Keus smart routine protocol.

Doors and windows have their own sensors that can be activated at particular schedules. When on a vacation, they can be scheduled to be activated for greater security so you can enjoy with peace of mind. Your smart home has the latest smoke alarms for quick warnings, and motion sensors to keep you abreast of people and movements in your premises.


It’s not just for these specific benefits that you should explore Smart Routines. They help a lot for everyday routines but also for specific tasks such as when you want to enjoy a book in your favourite chair in the house. The Reading Smart Routine can include turning on the corner lights, turning down the blinds, the temperature is set to breezy, and there’s a pot of coffee getting ready, just in case you feel like a cuppa. Spaces with more lighting such as kitchens can be scheduled to turn on and off the right combination of task and accent lights for the best efficiency.

Smart Routines help make your home more functional and responsive to the needs of every family member. Incorporating them in our daily lives makes our homes safer and more efficient, so you can enjoy the true peace of mind of having a loving home.

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