A smart home sounds well and good, but what does it do for you? And more importantly, how does it make a daily schedule and life easier for you and your family? So, we wanted to show you how a typical day living in a house with Keus Home Automation looks like.




No matter how early your day starts, your house is already up and waiting to help you accomplish your tasks for the day.

Your smart home wakes up at 06:00 am to take care of the preliminaries. Outdoor lights turn off automatically, and the water sprinkler turns on. Isn’t it lovely to wake up to the smell of a freshly-watered garden? Well, that’s how you wake up at your usual time of 06:300 am.

Alarm clocks are unnecessarily jarring and more aften than not, they ruin the entire morning. Instead, picture this: the blinds open to daylight gradually streaming into the bedroom, and the AC turns off. Your favourite music plays from your favourite speakers, at the perfect volume that you prefer — everything is set to help you wake up undisturbed and get ready to win the day!

Your smart home takes care of the little things that take up too much of your time and effort. Basics like coffee, hot water are all automatically taken care of to give you your precious morning time to plan your day. The truth is, a well-planned morning is crucial to seizing the day.

Oh yes! The kids wake up at 06:45, right? Don’t worry, your smart home has already opened their blinds and turned off their ACs. Careless electricity is almost completely eliminated when your smart home is helping with it. Your children get their own music too, and of course, water is heated and ready for them.

Domestic staff get their own access so they can be let in to start preparing the rest of the house.

By 0715, you are ready for quick updates on the news so your TV turns on to your news channel to catch you up to the current events. You can also get in your morning exercise as your home starts playing your workout playlist. There’s a lot to be said about the right motivation to exercise. And what better than your smart home that sets up the right ambience to help you hit those training goals.

Or would you prefer a more mindful, calming approach with meditation and a spiritual podcast? Sure, your home can do that. You can set up how you want morning to be, and your smart home will do the rest.

When you leave for work, the main doors are automatically locked, followed by gates. The home checks to make sure that all the lights, water heaters and other appliances are safely turned off. Curtains are closed and the security system is on. You can go ahead and have a lovely day: your smart home is secure and efficient.


A casual Relax Scene is set up in the living room, while the outdoor lights come on. Gates and pathways are lit up, and motion sensors are activated too. Your smart home turns on the puja lights too.

With a smart home, when you are on your way back the AC in the living room turns on to set the right temperature. When you reach, the security is disarmed and the water heater is turned on as well.

When you come back in the evening after a long day, the last thing you want to do is switch on countless switches to create your ambience.

When your friends drop by you can instantly activate the Bar Scene or a Movie Scene. The speciality of these Scenes is the number of interconnected processes, from lights to the blinds to the AC, that come together to ensure that you have the home that is perfectly in sync with your requirements.

These can be customized for special occasions or for every day preferences. So whether you are hosting a dinner or plan on a quiet intimate dinner, the Scene is perfectly set without a lot of effort from your end.


As your day winds down, so does your home. Non-essential lights such as in the puja room are turned off, and the outdoor lights in the lawn are turned off too. Fountains are automatically shut down and the security is armed before locking the main gate.

The Goodnight Scene is designed for a completely relaxed, peaceful sleep. This includes setting the AC at the right temperature for you, closing all the curtains of the house, turning off unnecessary lights, and activating the motion sensors in the house. Even if the children wake up in the middle of the night, the lights turn on automatically and you are notified so they are always safe.


Life in a smart home is not just about convenience or settings. A smart home interacts with you to understand your preferences and choices, so it can learn to anticipate your requirements and help you with them. By giving you complete.

Control about the individual aspects of the house, as well as over the entire home, you can extract the highest efficiency from your resources.

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